Terms of Use

Clients need to have read and understood these Terms of Use before signing up for an ActiveWebsites.com.au solution. 

  • ActiveWebsites.com.au is a database driven application that allows clients to have an updateable website. As such all content is database driven and therefore exists on the ActiveWebsites.com.au server.
  • Copyright of content provided by Clients belongs to Clients. However because of the nature of this database application and the template design options, all other copyright remains with ActiveWebsites.com.au.
  • Due to the nature of this database application, Clients will be able to access their website via a link pertaining specifically to that organisation. When users type in the domain name for an organisation e.g yourorganisationname.com.au they will be directed to website on ActiveWebsites.com.au.
  • Clients when signing up for a ActiveWebsite.com.au solution need to understand that they are paying a fee for the initial cost of the site and then an ongoing annual fee which covers the cost of hosting, support and the use of the Content Management System (Administration Centre).
  • Annual fees do not include Browser Version Compatibility costs. Clients may be required to contribute to upgrade costs associated with programming for browser compatibility. 
  • Although we will provide during and after hours phone support, excess website support may incur a fee especially with regard to inputting of content.
  • ActiveWebsites.com.au recommends that an organisation sign up for a website for a minimum of 3 years to make the application worthwhile. Fees are payable up front annually and are nonrefundable. If an organisation wishes to discontinue within the recommended 3 years then we would require notice in writing.
  • Clients will continue to be invoiced annually (even after the 3 years) until we are told otherwise either by phone or in writing.
  • Websites will come offline if annual fees are not paid within 14 days of due date.
  • If an organisation decides to discontinue with ActiveWebsites.com.au, content will be accessible via the website by copying and pasting from the website in the Internet Browser.
  • Clients will be invoiced upon signing up for an Organisation Website. Payment for the initial cost of the website and the first year hosting / support will be due within 7 days, payable by cheque, money order or direct deposit. These fees are nonrefundable.
  • After the 1 hour phone training provided, Clients are responsible for the input of content beyond the initial Home Page and Contact Us page designed by  ActiveWebsites.com.au. Additional Pages can be transferred by ActiveWebsites.com.au but will be charged at a rate per page.
  • Clients are allocated 2GB of web space, 2GB of data transfer per month and 10 POP3 Email Addresses. Excess space, data transfer or emails may incur a fee.  IMAP mail accounts are also available at a fee.
  • Clients are provided up to 300MB per mailbox for online webmail storage. Clients are encouraged to download mail from the server. As long as clients download email from the server then mail can be unlimited. Additional GBs of space are charged at a rate of $5.50 per month per GB.
  • Backups of the server are taken daily and are retained for 14 days. There is a fee of $155 + gst per hour to restore back up. It is recommended that you take your own backup of your email as we cannot guarantee a restoration.